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In Fall 2022, I began my career as a reporter and producer for Carolina Week, the weekly student-produced newscast at the UNC Hussman School of Journalism and Media. During my time on the Carolina Week team, I’ve written, produced and edited VOs, VOSOTs, and packages that have aired on the program.

I’ve also worked several positions in our control room during the show including running the teleprompter, our sound board, and graphics. Below are a selection of projects I have produced that have aired on the newscast.


Student privacy concerns rise in light of “Social Sentinel” revelations

In late 2022, the Dallas Morning News published a story revealing that UNC-Chapel Hill had used an AI service called Social Sentinel (now called Navigate 360) to monitor students’ social media accounts during student protests in 2017 and 2018. The controversial revelations of social media tracking by the university raised a series of privacy concerns in the campus community. Check out my coverage of the situation.


Medical community raises alarms over low COVID booster uptake

Going into December 2022, vaccination rates for the most recent Covid-19 booster shot in North Carolina were astronomically low. It was a situation that alarmed both public health experts and members of the medical community. I reported on the situation in the final show of the Fall 2022 semester, hoping to get a clearer picture for why boosted rates were so low in the Tar Heel state.


Carolina Week Election Coverage: The North Carolina Senate Race

The North Carolina senate race was one of the many consequential congressional races to occur in the previous election cycle. For Carolina Week’s special election coverage, I gave viewers the rundown on both candidates, the issues they ran on, and what was at stake in this close senate race.


A Profile on Stef Ding, a UNC Spikeball Prodigy

UNC is commonly known by its students as the university of national champions. But it’s also a university of national champions. Stef Ding, is a world-class spikeball player. Along with her sister Tiffany, Ding competed in the 2022 World Round Net Championship representing her home country of Taiwan. The spikeball prodigy shares her experiences in the niche sport, and what she plans to do next on the global spikeball stage.